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26Feb, 16

The greatest gift you can give your family when you pass is to leave behind a comprehensive and legally binding estate plan – this will relieve them of any undue stress and allow them to grieve in peace, knowing that your wishes are being carried out.

If you are embarking on the process of preparing your will and/ or estate planning, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused by the terminology and unfamiliar processes. Thankfully, many useful and comprehensive books are now on the market, making it ever easier for amateurs to hand a larger role in their own estate administration. Here is a list of five fantastic books on the topics of wills, estate administration and planning that will empower you to make these important decisions. 

1. Estate & Trust Administration For Dummies, by Margaret Atkins Munro

A good place for anyone to start is with the “Dummies” books – for over thirty years, this series has been helping novices tackle new skills and learn valuable information with ease. The brilliance of this book is that it breaks down all of the jargon, definitions and methods in very simple, well-illustrated steps that anyone can follow. This book provides checklists and diagrams that will ensure you have your estate planning under control.

2. Wills and Estate Administration, by Kenneth Vercammen

This comprehensive book is designed to walk you through every aspect of your estate planning process in six simple, easy to follow steps. Topics covered include: Preparation for wills, estate planning interviews, common estate planning issues, administration how tos, guardianship of disabled or incompetent parents and so much more. This is a truly valuable and essential text to prepare you for this process.

3. ABA/AARP Checklist for My Family: A Guide to My History, Financial Plans and Final Wishes, by Sally Balch Hurme

This simple checklist will be invaluable in order to help you leave things in perfect order for your children, siblings and spouse. All of your important financial information, legal documents, online accounts, medical care wishes, personal requests and more will be gathered into one place, making it simple for your family to access what they need, when they need it.

 4. Plan Your Estate Before It’s Too Late, by Brian M. Douglas

This simple and easy to understand book will walk you through the basics of your personal estate planning, offering expert advice from a lawyer skilled in this field. Highly recommended if you want to understand the ins and outs of estate planning in common sense language.

5. Understanding Living Trusts: How You Can Avoid Probate, Keep Control, Save Taxes, and Enjoy Peace of Mind, by Vickie Schumacher

Are you unsure about the details surrounding your living will? You are not alone – many people struggle with this complex concept. Thankfully, Vickie Schumacher’s book explains living wills in a clear and complete way.

While these books will give you valuable information, sometimes it is better to enlist the services of a professional. If you would like help with your Estate Planning please contact Law Offices of Tyler H. Fair, Esq. at 530-318-6044

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