Unlawful Detainer


Receiving an eviction notice can be incredibly stressful. When you’ve received an eviction notice it’s important to handle the manner in a quick and effective process, otherwise you run the risk of being evicted. It is possible to have the charges disputed, but only if you act fast and take the right course of action.

It’s recommended to work with an attorney that has experience handling South Lake Tahoe unlawful detainers, as they’ll be able to guide you with the correct course of action to take.

What Is An Unlawful Detainer?

Eviction of a tenant by the landlord typically begins with serving a 3 day, 30 day, or 60 day notice. Some notices are to pay or quit, while others give the tenant no options to stay. Following the expiration of the notice period, the landlord then must file what is called an Unlawful Detainer if the tenant has not moved out on their own.

An Eviction or Unlawful Detainer is a lawsuit against the tenant seeking possession (and other limited remedies). Luckily for landlords, the eviction lawsuit is a summary proceeding in California that gets preference over almost all other types of cases. Indeed, the process often takes less than 30 days. If the landlord prevails in the Unlawful Detainer lawsuit, the landlord gets a judgment for possession.

The landlord then gets a right of execution and then the sheriff will execute on the judgment to remove the tenant from the property.

The most common grounds the landlord has for evicting tenants include:

  • The tenant refuses to leave the property after the lease terms have ended
  • The tenant does not pay rent and refuses to move out after the eviction notice has been received
  • The tenant breaks a term in their lease agreement
  • The tenant doesn’t move off the premises after the month-to-moth lease terms have ended

Benefits Of Working With A Lawyer Throughout The Eviction Process

A rental agreement is a contract, not a friendship. It’s important to acknowledge your legal rights as a tenant and do whatever is possible to understand and possibly dispute the charges. There are multiple routes to take if you’d like to dispute the claims.

When you receive an eviction notice it might be hard to think clearly, as you might be facing the prospect of finding a new place to live. However, there are ways to dispute and resolve the unlawful detainer if you have the right legal representation.

A lot of tenants end up being evicted wrongly, simply because they take too long to respond to the notice. If you’ve received an eviction notice, then you must act quickly. Otherwise, the result won’t be in your favor.

A lawyer who specializes in unlawful detainer and eviction law will be able to help you defend your rights. In some cases you can have the notice overturned on unlawful grounds.

Why Work With The Offices Of Tyler H. Fair?

Tyler has extensive experience handling unlawful detainers. We specialize in helping our clients defend their rights and make a fair case. We understand the importance of having a place to call home.

If you think you can save money by handling the case on your own realize the case probably won’t work out in your favor. Let us handle the details, and you can rest easy knowing your place of residence will be safe and secure.

Get in touch with the law offices of Tyler H. Fair today, and have your Unlawful Detainer handled by a knowledgeable lawyer.